Customer Reviews

This place is a God-send! In every sense of the phrase. 😉 Inspiring surroundings, mouthwatering gluten-free goodness!

Laurie Miller Leslie

I finally adventured out to this place today, and it exceeded my expectations. Absolutely PERFECT! The staff are some of the friendliest people you will come across and they are abundantly helpful and joyful. I could have stayed there and talked with them all day! The egg salad is to die for, and their tea lattes are perfection. The ice cream was definitely the highlight. I'm so glad we have a paleo-friendly place in Knoxville now! I will be back...many many times.

Julianna Meyers

Knoxville definitely needed a place like this! Such a beautiful and welcoming community, brimming with health and healing! Everything on their menu is excellent!

Jenna Bingham